Street battle: the activists fighting to save their neighbourhood from the tech giants

Facebook, Google and Amazon have not just colonised the internet: their hubs, campuses and offices are taking over huge sections of cities around the world. But campaigners from New York to Toronto and Berlin are fighting back Its a challenge out here. The way the tech companies are building and increasing their size is just pricing people out. Families who have been here for generations cant afford to be here any more. Theyre being pushed off into rural areas anywhere from an hour to two and a half hours away. JT Faraji is a 43-year-old artist who lives with his family in East Palo Alto, the northern California city on the edge of Silicon Valley. Just a stones throw away, …

Serbian president vows to restore order amid protesters’ call for resignation

Aleksandar Vui brands opposition leaders as fascists, hooligans and thieves Serbias president has pledged to defend the countrys law and order a day after opposition supporters The protests began after an opposition politician was attacked in November. A former extreme nationalist, Vui now says he wants to lead Serbia into the European Union.