Brexit is just one front in Europes battle for its soul | Timothy Garton Ash

Whether its taking on Boris Johnson or Matteo Salvini, this is one and the same struggle, says Guardian columnist Timothy Garton Ash John Bull has been having a breakdown, and hes getting worse, so now his housemates gather in the kitchen to decide what to do about him. Feisty Emmanuel from France thinks John is messing up all their lives, and they should kick him out of the house. After all, that bull-necked English egotist said he wanted to leave three years ago. Living up to her nickname Mutti, Angela is much more sympathetic. Donald, who hails from Poland, says John should be given time and space to sort himself out. Watch the next episode of Brexit, Europes most-viewed soap …

France, Spain and Belgium ‘ready for no-deal Brexit next week’

Chance of May getting 30 June extension appear slim after notes of EU meeting emerge France has won the support of Spain and Belgium after signalling its readiness for a no-deal Brexit on 12 April if there are no significant new British proposals, according to a note of an EU27 meeting seen by the Guardian. The diplomatic cable reveals that the French ambassador secured the support of Spanish and Belgian colleagues in arguing that there should only be, at most, a short article 50 extension to avoid an instant financial crisis, saying: We could probably extend for a couple of weeks to prepare ourselves in the markets. The chances of Theresa Mays proposal of an extension to 30 June succeeding …

The Tory leadership contest: your handy idiots guide | Marina Hyde

The Conservative party is seeking a new face to lead us down the wrong path, says Guardian columnist Marina Hyde Theres a photo from Pompeii thats been doing the internet rounds a while, showing the plaster cast of a naked man. He appears to have died masturbating, even as he must have known the Vesuvian ash-cloud was approaching. Did he? Science says so fully Handmaids Tale on May in an interview for the Times that the paper was only able to give a side column to fellow contender going for a run. The same was being said of LET MY PEOPLE GO was not even Boris Johnsons maddest Telegraph column this week. Heres a more Arkham Asylum. Moving on, Amber …

Brexit: as May’s deal is defeated for the third time, the next steps explained

The scenarios still on the table after MPs voted down the withdrawal agreement on Friday It was by all accounts a sobering meeting between the 27 EU ambassadors, the blocs chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, and the most senior of its officials, Martin Selmayr, on Thursday afternoon. No deal was now regarded as the Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific

UK should leave EU with no deal, says former Bank of England governor

Mervyn King says Britain could ease dislocation costs with six months of planning The former governor of the Bank of England, issued repeat warnings that leaving the EU without a deal would cause significant economic damage and would damage living standards across the country. The Bank published a worst-case scenario last year that included Britain plunging into an Philip Hammond, the chancellor, not to accelerate spending to prepare the country for such a scenario had been disastrous and had cost the UKs bargaining power in talks with Brussels. Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific

European press gets popcorn out for another chaotic day of Brexit

The latest twist was likened to a TV saga, and no one knows what the ending will be European press and commentators switched on the TV, pulled out the popcorn and sat back to watch the Germanys offered to step down as prime minister if MPs backed her twice-rejected Brexit deal, and parliament Frankfurter said Frances complained Frances de VolkskrantThe Irish Times said Mays deal was still short of a majority despite her offer to step down, while s in Spain thought that even if the prime minister had finally understood that she was the price that must be paid to save Brexit, there remained a great many obstacles on her way to securing it This is not over yet.

Tories fight ‘like rats in a sack’ to hang on to the hard Brexit dream

ERG hardliners who oppose Mays deal are blamed by Eurosceptic MPs for helping remainers Its like rats in a sack on the WhatsApp group today, says one glum Tory Brexit-backing MP. Everyone is turning on each other. Another described the mood as extremely bitter and very depressed among many more mainstream Eurosceptic Conservative MPs who fear they are on the brink of losing the hard Brexit that was almost in their grasp. Their ire is directed mainly at the 70 pro-Brexit hardliners who refused to back Mays deal on the second attempt. The holdouts won approval from their Conservative members who want nothing less than a no-deal Brexit and will be decisive in picking the next party leader. However, they …

Baltic states no longer a bridge between east and west, says Latvia

Russian interference in elections and corruption scandals prompt rethink The Baltic states can no longer cast themselves in the role of a bridge between Russia and the west, the Latvian foreign minister, Edgars Rinkvis, has said in an interview with the Guardian. Successive crises have shown Russian determination to interfere in western democracy or use Baltic banks to launder corrupt money, Rinkvis said after a visit to London during which he met Dominic Grieve, the chairman of the UK intelligence and security committee. The committee is completing a report on Russian influence in the UK, including its role in money laundering and disinformation, which is likely to call for fresh measures to control the sharing the defence burden. The UK …

Macron: UK heading for no-deal Brexit if MPs reject May’s plan

French presidents warning comes as Theresa May set to ask EU leaders for extension Emmanuel Macron has warned that Britain is heading for a no-deal Brexit unless the House of Commons ratifies the withdrawal agreement negotiated with Brussels. The stark choice for MPs was laid out by the French president shortly before the 27 EU heads of state and government listen to an appeal by Theresa May for a lack of European elections in the UK. France has been one of the most vocal EU members in insisting a long Brexit delay should only be granted if there is a big change in British politics, such as a Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using …

Stabbed Manchester United fan recovering after surgery in Paris

The Manchester United fan stabbed on Wednesday night in Paris may be able to return home at the start of next week United knocked Paris Saint-Germain out of the Champions League last 16. United have been in contact with his family and are monitoring the situation. A club spokesperson said: We were shocked to hear about the incident with one of our fans who was stabbed while in Paris for the Champions League game. Everyone at the club wishes him well during his recovery. The supporter is being treated at the Hpital Europen Georges-Pompidou in Paris and the Foreign Office is in contact with the French authorities regarding the incident.